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Get the job you deserve!

aptitude test candidatesDo you want to learn and improve your skills for tackling aptitude and psychometric tests? We have over 1000 questions and answers online to help you for only £7.99 .

Our tests cover a broad range of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic questions to prepare yourself for that vital aptitude test and help you start a new career.

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What do our aptitude tests offer?

  • Email - Our e-mail feedback includes working examples and hints and tips.

  • Success - Our aim is for you to prepare efficiently and professionally, giving you a better chance of achieving higher test results. Our tests are ideal for graduates, business recruitment, civil servants, emergency services, military and many more.

  • Aptitude tests which are professionally used and evaluated can provide objective and reliable information concerning the likelihood of job success and career suitability. Get the job you deserve!

Aptitude Coach

Our aptitude coach will send you several emails throughout the week containing working examples and hints and tips for verbal and numerical aptitude questions. Sign up now


What are aptitude tests?

Questions designed to test your verbal and numerical skills. They are a type of psychometric test. These can also cover IQ and Personality tests.

How will it help my career?

Aptitude tests are increasingly used by employers to help in their recruitment and promotion of staff. You will get experience of these type of questions when using our website.

What countries use these tests?

North America, UK, Europe, Asia, India and the rest of the world. We accept payments in Pounds, Dollars and Euro!